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The beginning of the marketing, project collaborations and thoroughly bringing our brand to the world.

Website reveal; COMPLETE

This marks the first stage of our project and offers an in-depth reveal of who we are, what we are, and what we strive to be. 

This will be a collective focused on buying utility-based NFTs at its core, primarily pooling funds for group investments and expanding the project.  This will be done by supporting and onboarding other NFT projects, guaranteeing holders WL spots on other projects through collaborations, and ensuring the community stays alive and thrives. Not only will the team be focused on building a brand but building a community.  Follow us on Twitter for future updates on our website and roadmap launch. Embark on this journey with us and the 5,555 Xronins on one of the biggest projects coming to the Solana blockchain!

discord gates

Discord servers are where projects in the space go to engage with their community hence this is where most of the community engagement and growth takes place. Not only serving as a hangout spot but also a place where we can engage, grow, explore together, and collectively work as a community to build our brand and build something great.

Special roles; COMPLETED

To be assigned that come with perks will be assigned to community members on a gradual basis. Hiring and onboarding full time and part-time mods to ensure a filtered and accurate community sprouts from this. Discord will also be the platform where trivia nights, games, events, and spaces will be held.   

Verification bot; IN THE WORKS

This bot will become available in discord where holders will be able to verify their NFT and further access exclusive channels and content.     

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