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The Gen-0 5,555 Xronins are a collection of unique tokens built off of over 200 layers that will become available to mint on the Solana blockchain and be traded on secondary marketplaces. Holders will now have gained their way of passage into our Xronins Dojo. This also secures priority minting within our ecosystem for future products/generations to come.

All Xronins NFTs are based on the blockchain meaning they are uniquely digitally owned, be transferred, be sold on a secondary market and allow holders to do as they please with their NFT which will truly reflect decentralization.


Holder roles:

1 NFT -------- SHOGUN

5 NFTS -------- DAIMYO

15 NFTS -------- SAMURAI

30 NFTS -------- RONIN

50 NFTS -------- SHURI

100 NFTS -------- ONI

150 NFTS -------- KAMI

Rarity tool;  IN THE WORKS

Shortly after mint is complete we will be adding a rarity tool to our website where you will be able to explore and browse through the various layers and metadata that was used to bring the Xronins to life. 

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