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Reveal;   IN THE WORKS

A 3D interactive model of the Xronins Dojo will become available in order to illustrate and provide tangible evidence of what the final product will look like on the metaverse.

Xronins Dojo;    IN THE WORKS

Xronins is a roadmap-activated stage-driven project, guided, and voted on by the community at large. Where the purchasing of land and building of the Xronins Dojo will all be determined through community votes. The dojo will serve as a home and a space for live events for our community in the metaverse. A high-definition 3D version of your Xronins NFT will be available to use as your avatar in order for you to hang out and engage with the community.

Rejoice;   IN THE WORKS

Metaverse integration where the community will now have access to the Xronins Dojo where the Xronins can rejoice around the destruction of Shuri.

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